New Camera

So, for Christmas my parents got me a Nikon Coolpix camera. I think they were finally too frustrated that I keep using theirs to post my Youtube videos and take “s3lfi3s” with, that they got me my own. So I went out around my town of Marlborough and the neighboring towns to all the scenic places where I grew up. The sky was so amazing and I loved the scatter of the snow as it melted. These are my favorite pictures that I took. Yes, some of them are pretty cliche when it comes to landscapes, but I think the color of the sky and the clouds make them stand out. I’m really proud of these! I am in now way becoming a photographer but it’s a fun little hobby and I’m pretty psyched how these pictures came out and can’t wait to take more!

12.25.12 020





12.25.12 016

12.25.12 021

12.25.12 025






Random Kindness

The last entry reminded me of the most spontaneous act of thoughtfulness I have ever recieved.

Backstory: I was having a horrible summer. I was working 40hrs a week at an Insurance company while taking an intense Chemistry course four nights a week right after work. I was sad and stressed and barely was able to see my friends because I was so busy. But it was a rainy gross day two years ago and the flower man is always sitting in his van selling flowers rain or shine. My mom always goes to him to get her flowers for her office so he knows who I am. I walked somberly by, not in the mood to make eye contact or talk, feeling as though I might cry when he comes up to me with a small boquet of beautiful vibrant flowers and said, “I hope you have a great day. Someone is always thinking of you. God Bless.” The tears just welled up in my eyes and I knew a thank you might be enough for him, but it wasn’t enough to show just how much this small random act of kindness actually meant to me. I can tell you right now, before he gave me those flowers, it was the worst day of my life so far. But after, it’s the day I’ll always remember and it makes me smile and ever so grateful.

I wonder how many other stories like that are out there. Some probably have even saved lives.

It’s quite amazing how deep a flower can bloom